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Women eating a healthy diet

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Why Choose
Delightfully Light?

Not only are the diets FREE, but you can START your diet TODAY!
We follow SAFE and legal N.I.C.E (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) guidelines when creating each diet!
All the diets follow CLINICALLY PROVEN EVIDENCE BASED techniques to target the diseases or problem areas.
The DIETS are CAREFULLY DEVELOPED by the Founder (registered and QUALIFIED dietitian) according to BMI, gender, caloric needs and even particular diseases, if present (like Diabetes or High Cholesterol)
The diets present you with a VARIETY of meals (even for vegetarians!) you can have at each meal time so you NEVER get BORED of the same food!
Each meal comes with the SIMPLEST instructions on how to PREPARE the meal!
Every diet even accounts for SNACKS (even for chocolate lovers!)
Each member has their own private portfolio (free) where you can write your weight loss goals (or other goals, for example blood sugar for people with Diabetes), track your weekly progress, note obstacles, write in your own food diary and more!
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