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About Delightfully Light      



Hello hello and welcome to Delightfully Light! You are probably wondering what or who is Delightfully Light and why is this all for free? Well, to answer the first part of your question, my name is Zena Wehbe and I'm the founder of Delightfully Light.  The list below will tell you why I'm qualified as a professional to help you through your nutrition-related problem, but it won't tell you why I'm qualified as a person.

So, here goes: I understand the struggle of nutrition-related problems, not just because I have studied them for years but also because I have been in your shoes. To be honest, for the most part, I had a healthy weight and no diet issues. But when I became pregnant wiyh my first child, I soared to an additional 20 kg- which is way above the  weight gain recommendations.  After I gave birth, I was left  with my excess body weight. I didn't even recognize myself. My BMI was on the edge of obesity and I knew I couldn't get to work losing weight and not allowing my body to heal first. So I waited for at least 2 months, and based on my experience and knowledge I created a balanced diet plan to ensure I was getting all the essential nutrients while allowing for weight loss. Six months later, I lost it all and at a healthy and safe rate of 3-4 kg per month. What's my point? I don't just talk the talk, I walked the walk (a healthy and scientific evidence-based walk that is!). Others have walked the walk too, and you can read about their stories under the Testimonials page.  

So, as a person, I understand you- not just from the degrees I earned but from the positions we have both been in.  And since I understand what a struggle it can be,  mentally, emotionally and physically, I haven't created diets and sent you off on your way. We also offer free fitness advice from the great personal trainer, Dee from Dee Personal Training, and work with a group of free professional on-line Psychologists Psychaid to ensure you can take control of your mental and emotional obstacles to help you succeed with your diet. So, that's about me, the person. And just to make you feel a bit more assured, here's a little bit about me, the professional:

My accreditation's include: 

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and Dietetics (distinction)
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Biology.
  • Licensed registered dietitian with the Health Professional Council (HPC)- UK  
  • Licensed by the Ministry of Public Health (LB)
  • CEO and Founder of Eat! Diet Club (Diet and Nutrition Clinic and Catering Center) (Fb: Eat Diet Club, instagram: @eatdietclub)
  • TV dietitian consultant (see my episodes on my youtube channel: Zena Wehbe Biologist and Dietitian) 
  • Member of the British Dietetic Association. 
  • Member of the Freelance Dietitians Organization 
  • Member of the Female Entrepreneur Association
  • Experience in a large public sector (hospital) which gave me access to a wide range of medical conditions (diabetes, cancer, cholesterol, celiac disease and more) and how to manage them through nutrition. 
  • Experience in the private sector tackling everything from weight loss and diabetes to pregnancy and allergies.

The Mission of my organization is to provide free scientific-based diet plans to help individuals manage nutrition-related diseases and to serve as a resource for the latest research developments in the field of nutrition and dietetics. We are a free website  to push individuals to take control of their nutrition-related health issues, to encourage the public to use our services regularly and to offer needed help to individuals who cannot afford it.  We are on-line in order to be available for individuals without Dietitians in their vicinity and for individuals lacking the time & opportunity to search and visit private clinics. Through our website the public can instantly access diets programmed according to an individual's physical characteristics for Weight Loss, Diabetes, Cholesterol & Triglycerides and Blood Pressure. We are here for the people whose alternative option is not visiting a Dietitian but rather, whose alternative option is nothing.