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  • Do Blood Type Diets Work?

    Do Blood Type Diets Work?

    No! Blood Type Diets do not work! Even if you think about it logically, carbohydrates are mainly digested with enzymes in the intestines, proteins are mainly digested with acids in the stomach and enzymes in the intestine and fat is digested using bile secreted by your gall bladder into your intestines. So then, what does any of that have to do with your blood type? Absolutely nothing!

  • Choose Diets Wisely

    Choose Diets Wisely

    After the great festive season, no doubt many are now considering quick and easy ways to lose the most weight.

  • Diets According to Your DNA

    Diets According to Your DNA

    The latest “trend” now for a diet is taking a swab of your inner cheek, sending the results off and then a “team” would analyze your DNA from the swab and create a diet “precise” for your genes. Sounds better than it actually is though.

  • The Best Fat Burning Foods and Techniques

    The Best Fat Burning Foods and Techniques

    I always get sceptical when I read something like Fat-Burning Foods or Foods that Help you Burn Calories.

  • Are Low Fat Products Always the Better Option?

    I used to think anything that says “low fat” on the label is definitely the healthier alternative and much lower in calories than its full fat version.

  • How to Lose Weight without Dieting

    How to Lose Weight without Dieting

    It’s really hard to just stop the habits and routine you are used to and begin a diet. If you feel your weight is unhealthy and that it’s difficult for you to start a really restrictive diet, there are some simple steps that you can begin with for a month or two which can help prepare you for a diet that relies on calorie deficits.

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