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  • Dehydrated Even When You Are Not Thirsty

    A new study by Ganio MS et al (2012) has shown that even mild dehydration can lead to changes in your mood.

  • Early Infant Food Habits Could Steer Towards Obesity

    A study by Gale C et al (2012) has compared body fat in infants who are breast fed versus infants who are formula fed. After one year it was shown that infants who were formula-fed had higher body fat that breast-fed infants.

  • Salt - How it Really Works.

    Many of us are already aware that salt raises blood pressure. It was previously believed that salt raises blood pressure by increasing the volume of blood.

  • How To Manage Over-weight Children

    Recently we have been receiving many emails and messages from parents requesting diets for their children who are over-weight.

  • How to Age in a Healthy Way

    A study (RUXTON CHS 2011) has shown that the elderly are low in some essential minerals and vitamins which are important in the optimal function of our bodies.

  • How to Reduce Your Hot Flashes

    Many women undergoing menopause turn to hormone replacement therapy for help but soya can cut your hot flashes by HALF!!

  • A Simple Way to Improve a Teenager's Diet

    A study by D Vriendt T et al (2011) demonstrated that there was a particular nutrient, that when eaten in healthy quantities improves the body weight, the blood insulin levels and the folate levels in a teenager’s blood.

  • New Vitamin That Improves Memory

    We are usually familiar with omega-3 as nutrient that improves our memory. However, a Farmingham Study (Poly C et. al 2011) has shown that choline can also help improve cognition.

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