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  • How I Lost My Pregnancy Weight: Part 1

    How I Lost My Pregnancy Weight: Part 1

    Surprisingly, dieting is the not the first step in losing the pregnancy weight.

  • How to Lose Weight without Dieting

    How to Lose Weight without Dieting

    It’s really hard to just stop the habits and routine you are used to and begin a diet. If you feel your weight is unhealthy and that it’s difficult for you to start a really restrictive diet, there are some simple steps that you can begin with for a month or two which can help prepare you for a diet that relies on calorie deficits.

  • Five Tips: How to Come out of a Fast

    For me, I love using these habits to carry on after fasting in order to allow the longer-lasting effect of the health benefits acquired during fasting. These can be used for everyone and not just those who fast!

  • Tips for a heathier Ramadan

    Tips for a heathier Ramadan
  • Which Type of Carbohydrate Improves Brain Function?

    It is nothing new that eating Breakfast has been shown to improve Brain Function, especially in Children. However, Scientists have tested if there is a difference in Brain Function, depending on the type of carbohydrate consumed for breakfast.

  • Keeping Weight Off

  • Nutrition for Skin, Hair and Eye Health

    Nutrition For Hair, Skin, & Eye Health are always very mainstream topics, and in recent years have seemed even more emphasized than usual.

  • You Should Know...

    A recent study by the University of Exeter published in PLoS Genetics has demonstrated that Type 2 Diabetes in people who are lean (not overweight or obese) is indeed related to genetics.

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