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How I Lost My Pregnancy Weight: Part 1

How I Lost My Pregnancy Weight: Part 1

I don't know how long it has been since I posted something on here? Maybe two years?  I started this blog when my first child was born (seven years ago), and now I am restarting it with the birth of my second child.  There must be something related to babies and writing in me .smiley

I gave birth three months ago and I am enjoying my time face to face with my baby.  I really enjoyed my pregnancy (alot!), hence the fact that I gained 25 kg.  I know I am  a dietitian, but that doesn't mean I don't love food!

So I expected to lose half the weight upon giving birth…and needless to say, I did not.  I only lost 5 kg.  And that's ok.  I know there is a lot of pressure on us mamas to snap back into our pre-pregnancy shape.  But we don't. And that is ok.  Not to worry, I thought, surely my weight will drop since I am breastfeeding. A month passed and my weight remained the same.  I tried to limit my food intake, I tried eating food from my diet center, but I was just so hungry all the time! And that is ok. You have to take it easy on yourself. You have been pregnant for 9 months, a virtual vaccum for food all around you, and you cannot expect that upon giving birth you will go back to your previous eating habits. So yes, I stopped dieting and I stopped being hard on myself.

Step 1: Do not diet after givng birth.  Be gentle on yourself, as you would be gentle to a little child.  Give yourself and your body a break for the excess water to settle and your hormones to gently return back to normal.

When I stopped dieting, that's when I started to lose weight.  I did one thing only: I ate every 3 hours.  I didn't skip meals, I didn't go all-protein and no-carbs. I simply ate whatever I wanted every 3 hours.  Automatically that caused my food intake to be controlled and my blood sugar to stay stable.  For the first couple of weeks into my second month post-pregnancy, I admit, I did eat comfortably, happily and to my stomach's content – but only-every three hours.  That goes back to what I would tell my clients in the clinic, whether dieting or not, you must control the timing of your food.  It is not ok to keep your hands in your mouth during daylight.  Your body needs a break to digest, to metabolize, to transport nutriends and to store them.  Three hours in between meals and snacks allows your body to to this.  Also, eating every three hours, prevents sharp drops in blood sugar, which tend to cause hunger.

Before I knew it, I found myself controlling the amount I ate, and losing the weight (breast-feeding also helps too!).  I realized something:

Step 2: Before any diet you do, you must first regulate your body to eat every 3 hours to allow the diet to be more successful.

Two months, on this routine, and I have lost 17 kilograms.

When you start to eat every 3 hours, your stomach will most likely decrease in size, and at this point, you eat less and less at your meal and snack times. So, what did I start eating and how much of it? We will keep that for another post. ;)

In the meantime, for all of you new mammas, or anyone looking to lose alot of weight keep in mind the first two steps: Do not impose on yourself any diet initially AND the first step is to just control the timings of your meals for a good month or two (every three hours mama, every three hours).

Try it out, and drop me a message or email to let me know how that works for you!


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