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Questions By You!

M.F: Is organic food healthier than non-organic food?

Answer: All the scientific studies have demonstrated that organic food have no nutritional benefits. They have the same nutrients as their non-organic versions. However, only ORGANIC milk is more nutritionally beneficial than non-organic milk. Having said that, organic food is better for the environment so the choice lies with you!

T.S: Is brown rice more beneficial than white rice for diabetics?

Answer: Actually brown rise and white rice have the exact same calories, so you can’t eat more brown rice than white rice without expecting to gain the same calories. Diabetics have to calculate brown rice as any other carbohydrate.

J.N: Is there any such thing as the blood type diet?

Answer: No! All scientific studies prove there is no such thing. Plus if you compare studies that are WITH the blood type diet you see that each study contradicts the other since one will say no milk for Type B while another will say do drink milk for Type B. So until now, there is nothing that proves the blood type diets are true. Like any other diet, the weight loss from it is just due to caloric restriction!