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Terms & Conditions  

As with any exchange of information, especially that pertaining to health, kindly read the following terms, and by using Delightfully Light diets,  you accept, without limitation or qualification, the following terms and conditions:

1-You acknowledge that all the information you  have provided us with in any kind of electronic correspondence is right and complete. Delightfully Light (DL) shall use reasonable efforts and to deliver to you the information and advice you have requested. However neither DL nor the persons behind it shall be liable for any direct, incidental, consequential, indirect damages arising from any advice or information or diet program developed and delivered by DL to you upon your request, especially if it is the result of any wrongful or missing or misleading information intentionally or none intentionally provided.

2-All the information and guidance supplied by DL for the public is discharged from any kind of liability.

3-Without limiting the foregoing DL cannot guarantee a 100% positive result you will be expecting from applying any diet or advice delivered to you by DL.  

4-No part of DL web group or the assessment form or any information or advice or diet program, including, without limitation, the information, diet templates, texts, designs, graphics, photographs contained therein, may be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, re-posted, modified, transmitted or distributed or otherwise used in any way for any non-personal, public or commercial purpose without the prior written consent of DL.

5-You have used a diet/ advice from DL with full knowledge and full will and without any direct or indirect pressure.

6-DL reserves the right to charge or not to charge for the services provided on the website with or without prior notification.

7-DL reserves the right to send customers who have signed up emails concerning marketing, according to soft opt-in Regulation 22(3).

8-By continuing you are giving your consent to receive marketing emails and/or newsletters from, but not limited to, DL and in accordance to the privacy policy.

9-DL is not responsible for the laws and regulations governing the internet for users from other countries or regions.