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Here's what individuals using Delightfully Light Diets© had to say:



“Delightfully Light diet has changed my life, I feel happier now that I have lost all the additional weight.  It was easy to follow and maintain.” Rafleh Khoriaty, Senior Editor and Journalist Al-Hayat Newspaper. (Mr. Khoriaty did a Triglyceride-lowering diet allowing for weight loss)

“The diet from Delightfully Light has helped me cope with my gout due to uric acid by using foods that help and eliminating those that harm me.  Not only have I gained valuable knowledge to help me cope with my uric acid for life,  I have also lost all the extra pounds and I have gained a new happy light lifestyle.  The diet has been really easy to follow and has been tailored for both my health issues and my lifestyle, while it makes sure that I never get hungry. I can choose from a wide array of foods and meals that I fancy and I am given the simple instructions on how to make what I like, plus I have a free food day where I can splash out on anything without feeling guilty.” Michael Hayes, London School of Economics Researcher. 

“The Diet was flexible. As soon as I wanted to change foods and meals the dietitian was always readily available for me to give me additional and various meal plans.  I even had different intensity diets as part of the same package.  If the dietitian feels you need to intensify or relax your diet, she will produce a whole new one for you, free of charge.  The best is that she used meals that I already know how to make, so preparation was easy and the foods were my favorites.  Those were important factors in letting me stick to the diet.” Samiha Tannir Issawi, Executive Officer at the American University of Beirut. 


"It was wonderful.  The variety gave me a chance to have anything I like but in limited quantities." Yousra Fawzi, Translator and Busy Mother. (Mrs. Fawzi did a Moderate Intensity Weight Loss diet). "Delightfully Light diet was so helpful. I liked the detail diet plan because it makes the diet much easier to follow. I was really surprised that I could still eat my favorite meals and still lose weight. I'm very impressed. Thank you very much." Majida El Chafei, Mother, Wife and Grandmother. (Mrs. El Chafei did the Multiple Conditions diet where it targeted her blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides while allowing for weight loss.